What are the best pornstars in the adult industry 2019

Everyone watches porn. That’s a fact, and nobody will take the time out of their mind to argue if stated, however if you said, for example, Alexis Texas is the best pornstar, you would have a massive argument on your hands with about 70 people, fans and non-fans alike. Due to this, we’ve amassed a list of the top Pornstars in the adult industry of this year, 2019.

Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades has been making big waves in 2019, and that is mostly due to her big tits and ass, which are known to be an excellent combo in the porn industry. Her bring blue eyes also contribute to this, she has starred in a large array of movies since the start of her career, which was kickstarted recently, and ever since she’s been showing up on the front covers of big name porn companies. The beauty is also bisexual, being interested in both boys and girls has suffered a huge surge in popularity along both of these demographics.

She has also been on the cover of the prestigious magazine, Tushy, which is obviously due to her humongous ass.

She’s also attained rank 1 on Pornhub, further lending to her credibility as one of 2019’s top pornstars.

Lisa Ann

The 46 year old bombshell isn’t foreign to anyone that’s watched porn in the recent years, the queen had retired earlier, however she is set to make a comeback, and with that she is set to take the central stage on the global porn scene quickly. Lisa Ann has countless awards to her name, so many that it would be pointless to try to name them, but some standouts are AVN, XRCO and Urban X halls of fame, which make her one of the most influential pornstars to ever live.

Valentina Nappi

Another extremely famous one, the Italian pornstar has been one of the biggest names in the industry for a while, making her one of the most famous pornstars of 2019. She has some very generous, all natural tits, and her ass has been pointed out multiple times, an amazing ass. With all these things considered, and her rapid video output, she is set to increase her rank even further in the upcoming years, even though she’s already entering 2019 at a very respectable position, the young Italian might just be threatening the top brass as soon as next year.